A note from FlipCollective founder Paul Shirley:

FlipCollective is an experiment, of sorts.

I think there is a place on the Internet for smart, fun writing about a variety of topics. With that in mind, I contacted a few intelligent people I know – some of whom are professional writers, and some of whom are not – and asked them if they’d like to participate in a writing project. The goal: For each of us to improve his or her writing through weekly (sometimes, bi-weekly) projects that would be edited by one of our peers.

We think this editing process helps separate FlipCollective from other sites. But even if it doesn’t, we know that we’ll become better writers as we learn from each other.

We post new material daily. We hope our readers will check back often and explore the work of everyone on the site.

Thanks for stopping by.

Note: Each work is wholly owned and copyrighted by its author.