Amanda lives and writes in Washington, DC. She has a B.A. in English and a Master's in library and information science. Her previous professions include: professional pretzel roller, American Eagle outfitter, used car salesman's assistant, legal secretary, preschool teacher, and, currently, librarian.

It is her life's ambition to meet a platypus.

Amanda's Past Work

My two older brothers used to have a map of the United States hanging on a wall in their bedroom. I was jealous of it, the way little sisters can so easily be. The map was beautifu[...]
It’s just after five-thirty in the morning and the sun is creating strips of light on the mainland mountains. There’s ocean between here and there, and I am always a little thankfu[...]
The last time the Buffalo Bills went to the Super Bowl, I was eight. I have three very distinct memories of the days leading up to Super Bowl XXVIII: wearing red, white, and blue Z[...]
It begins with not being able to write anything. You wake up one day and you simply can’t. Not a story, not a sentiment, not a sentence that makes a difference the way they used to[...]
Home is no longer a place. I can’t tell you its population or any well-known landmarks. It doesn’t have a ZIP code or a street name, and there isn’t a map in the world that would s[...]
March is National Reading Month. I follow several different libraries on Tumblr. One, Frisco Library, shared this poster from the Work Projects Administration Poster Collection for[...]
The reach of snow and the taste of French toast. Morning has always been my time for quiet, but sometimes I woke to voices too loud with the rest of it. When a day did not feel rig[...]
I am sitting and listening, I can’t help listening, as she drafts this letter to someone over the phone. She wears a Harvard Law long sleeve and keeps saying, “I’[...]
I am determined to make it to the Berlin Wall. When I arrive to the East Side Gallery a young mother asks me to take a picture of she and her baby in front of the massive black and[...]
It took an ocean, some seas, several mountain ranges, a few days of meals, and a nasty brush burn from my backpack. But then I remembered why I prefer to live–really live–in a new [...]
I should probably start with my crying over Ben and Jerry’s, even though that was still in Washington. I’d never had their Milk and Cookies ice cream before, so I figur[...]
My apartment in Washington is on the second floor of a row house. My bedroom is at the very front, facing the street, with four huge windows. For the first eight months that I live[...]