These days, it seems that every time I turn on the Internet, I am faced with someone making the snap judgment that someone else is a racist. These accusations are sometimes justifi[...]
I read Cosmos by Carl Sagan when I was 11 years old. I know that sounds like it’s supposed to be a humblebrag, like I grew up doing advanced trigonometry from my booster seat, but [...]
On January 14, a federal appeals court in Washington D.C. struck down a Federal Communications Commission regulation that had previously prevented broadband providers from limiting[...]
The Internet is awesome because it gives everyone the freedom to share their thoughts and voice their opinions on just about any topic. However the Internet is also the worst becau[...]
I am sitting and listening, I can’t help listening, as she drafts this letter to someone over the phone. She wears a Harvard Law long sleeve and keeps saying, “I’[...]
Every year in mid-November, we queue up and wait to climb aboard the holiday season’s emotional roller coaster. On Thanksgiving Day, we buckle into our adorably old-fashioned rolle[...]
I think it’s important to fight the pop-culture vacuum that can come with motherhood. But staying current is a lot of work. Music, movies, fashion, mental health: these things take[...]
There I am, at my desk in my room in Los Angeles, butt on my annoying gray physioball, eyes on my dusty computer screen, hand idly dropping almonds in my partially agape mouth. I’m[...]
The only thing more probable than Kim and Kanye naming their baby something unusual were the jokes that would follow on social media. As the due date approached you could feel the [...]
“Who gives a shit?” – Me, upon reading that James Gandolfini was dead ** It started with Michael Jackson. Then it was Brittany Murphy and Paul Harvey and Billy Mays and Ed McMahon [...]