The Internet is awesome because it gives everyone the freedom to share their thoughts and voice their opinions on just about any topic. However the Internet is also the worst becau[...]
Every year in mid-November, we queue up and wait to climb aboard the holiday season’s emotional roller coaster. On Thanksgiving Day, we buckle into our adorably old-fashioned rolle[...]
I think it’s important to fight the pop-culture vacuum that can come with motherhood. But staying current is a lot of work. Music, movies, fashion, mental health: these things take[...]
“Who gives a shit?” – Me, upon reading that James Gandolfini was dead ** It started with Michael Jackson. Then it was Brittany Murphy and Paul Harvey and Billy Mays and Ed McMahon [...]
Recently, Plan B, the “morning-after pill” used to prevent pregnancy when other methods of contraception fail (or aren’t used), was approved to be sold over the counter to women of[...]
First, a big hug-and-thank-you to everyone who read our work during what we deemed Season Four. We were glad to have you reading, and gladder to be writing. Second, as planned, we [...]
Our fear of knowledge killed Aaron Swartz. A 35-year jail sentence for a kid who committed an act tantamount to printing “too many” Wikipedia articles. Over the course of 2-months [...]
We had yet another Apocalypse a few weeks ago. It’s understandable if you didn’t notice. We humans are so resilient that we’ve managed to pull through again, and I think we’re goin[...]