March is National Reading Month. I follow several different libraries on Tumblr. One, Frisco Library, shared this poster from the Work Projects Administration Poster Collection for[...]
One of the few advantages of being a broken down, 42-year-old bastard like me is you no longer have to listen to new music. I still do listen to new music, of course. But with clas[...]
In today’s age of instant reaction, the verdict on what’s cool and what isn’t can change as swiftly and unexpectedly as the wind. Something can go from being deemed “cool” by the u[...]
Liz, This will be awkward, as we do not know each other. We have never even spoken to one another. We only sat very near each other in the fine dining establishment of Korma Sutra [...]
Wackford Squeers. Mortimer Lightwood. Georgiana Podsnap. Uriah Heep. When it came to inventing goofy character names that could also double for prog-rock bands, Charles Dickens was[...]
I can’t write fiction anymore. I noticed it began late last week when I sat down to write a short story about a group of friends trading stories over dinner. It was a dialogue-heav[...]
What I am about to admit will surely be considered blasphemous in this current age of food worship. A time when you’re more likely to find an actual news story on CNN than a food-f[...]
I saw Pacific Rim last weekend. It’s a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters. Sounds like a simple, dumb movie right? Well, maybe, but I fucking LOVED it. I haven’t felt[...]
The following is a joke. I don’t really want Amanda Bynes to have to throw down to the death with LeBron James. Or for people to die in general. However, I would watch something li[...]
Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival, 2013, Manchester, Tennessee. It’s Friday night and Paul McCartney has just finished his main stage set. You look at your iPhone, which still has 4[...]