Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the Playstation game Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s a role-playing game that takes place in a fantasy setting similar to Lord of The Rings. (Feel fre[...]
If you’re learning how to write, most of the advice you’ll get is pretty standard. Show, don’t tell. Make sure every word is there for a reason. Stop chewing on your sleeve and loo[...]
I have not seen American Sniper. And yet I feel like I’ve seen American Sniper. Since the movie came out there has been constant chatter about it on social media. This is partially[...]
You’ve probably left your home in the past five years in order to consume foodstuffs that were prepared by human beings not related to you. If this assumption of mine is correct, y[...]
OSCARS! AM I RIGHT? By Paul Merrill When the Oscar nominations were announced earlier this week, the Internet blew up. From the lack of diversity in the acting categories to the sn[...]
Perhaps like some of you, I rolled into the new year (quite literally) carrying a little extra insulation. This wasn’t a surprise, mind you, as I was still enjoying an Odyssean jou[...]
Let’s get one thing out of the way: the War on Drugs put out the best album of 2014. It’s called Lost in the Dream, it is everything rock music aspires to be, and I knew within two[...]
If you’re reading this, I, Billy Mays, have taken permanent leave of planet Earth. I’m sure this piece of paper is already drenched in your anticipatory slobber, but I must disappo[...]
March is National Reading Month. I follow several different libraries on Tumblr. One, Frisco Library, shared this poster from the Work Projects Administration Poster Collection for[...]
One of the few advantages of being a broken down, 42-year-old bastard like me is you no longer have to listen to new music. I still do listen to new music, of course. But with clas[...]