If you’re learning how to write, most of the advice you’ll get is pretty standard. Show, don’t tell. Make sure every word is there for a reason. Stop chewing on your sleeve and loo[...]
March is National Reading Month. I follow several different libraries on Tumblr. One, Frisco Library, shared this poster from the Work Projects Administration Poster Collection for[...]
I can’t write fiction anymore. I noticed it began late last week when I sat down to write a short story about a group of friends trading stories over dinner. It was a dialogue-heav[...]
This is my challenge: I need to tell you about the fifth issue of Cartel, the e-magazine I edit, run, and write for. I need to do this quickly, because if I do not do it quickly, y[...]
On Tuesday, February 19, I spearheaded the release of the fourth issue of CARTEL, the e-magazine I started in the spring of 2012. This issue, which is easily the best I’ve helped p[...]
Rosicky Jones sat down with Pitchfork for a wide-ranging interview about his background, his writing style, and the genius of *NSYNC. This is what happened. Pitchfork: Do you crave[...]
I’m in Barcelona, resting on a bench because the massive backpack I’ve been lugging around has left my back aching. I see two teenagers come out of Fnac, the giant electronics and [...]
Nikolas Nordegaärdenqvistenholm smiled, took off his cock ring, reached for a cigarette and lit it. It was 3:00 a.m. and he couldn’t sleep, but he still smiled as he inhaled. He wa[...]