Jessica Simpson is fat. I know this because I regularly wait in line at the grocery store, occasionally watch television, and unapologetically peruse celebrity blogs. If, like me, [...]
When we reach the outside of a fire station that now serves as some weird community center for crack heads, fifteen people are already waiting to get in. Within the next hour, that[...]
Annoying bits of pistachio shells fall onto my skirt, littering the surface of my black tights like snow. Doug, the show’s “producer,” stands to my left, eyeing me in watchful disd[...]
“Aries are, like, the only people who can stand up to me. They’re the only ones who won’t put up with my shit.” I am sitting across from a Taurus with puffy cheeks and words that h[...]
“He’s here.” Carey has rounded the corner and is facing me with her tan skin and her beautiful hair, her lips that are always perfectly glossed and her milk white teeth.  She’s not[...]
Go see, go see, go see. I ain’t good at this. And even if you are good at this, what exactly are you good at? –  Gia The room smells like chicken chow mein.  “Do you mind sit[...]
12:09 p.m. I’m late. I walk into the casting and ask for Candace. She steps out from the back wearing a yellow lace mini-dress and black blazer and black boots that remind me of my[...]