Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the Playstation game Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s a role-playing game that takes place in a fantasy setting similar to Lord of The Rings. (Feel fre[...]
If you’re reading this, I, Billy Mays, have taken permanent leave of planet Earth. I’m sure this piece of paper is already drenched in your anticipatory slobber, but I must disappo[...]
The following is a joke. I don’t really want Amanda Bynes to have to throw down to the death with LeBron James. Or for people to die in general. However, I would watch something li[...]
Girls, Season Two. It was going to be different, went the rally cry! Revolutionary! Bastion of the new television! Well, here’s what you’re not supposed to say: these girls are no [...]
Friday Night Lights is probably my favorite television show of the last decade, and I thought I’d commemorate its untimely passing by running through a completely arbitrary and in-[...]
The following is an excerpt from Rosicky Jones’s piece for Cartel III (Fall, 2012), which can be purchased for $2.99 as an Amazon Kindle e-book or as a PDF. *** Women have ex[...]
There is now a television show called Oh Sit! Oh Sit! is described as an extreme musical chairs competition. I’m not sure at what point we decided that it was entertaining to watch[...]
This past week, in a case NOT related to American health care, the U.S. Supreme Court threw out a number of proposed penalties against FOX and ABC for violating the Federal Communi[...]
Like many people who aren’t cool, I just started watching Game of Thrones. I had never heard of the books, and if asked, I probably would have guessed that George R. R. Marti[...]
There’s always a chance the Flip Collective will be making brand new episodes of The Twilight Zone. Excited by the possibility of inspiring modern audiences with a re-imagini[...]