Dear College, My name is Andy Dolan, and I would like to be accepted for study at your fine institution of higher learning. I will begin this essay by telling you a 100 percent tru[...]
F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “Cut out all those exclamation marks. An exclamation mark is like laughing at your own joke.” This is good advice for powerful, clean prose in a nove[...]
  Memo:   Get Ready For The First Ever Federline Consulting Office Weight Gain Challenge!     From: Douglas Gordon <> To: Federl[...]
Mission Report Galaxy Date: 465.987.333938 To: The Blonf-mu Council of Ambassadors, Planet Blonf, Quadrant 357789 From: Lt. Ambassador Ziblonk Mission: Peacefully Visit Earth To Sh[...]
The English words you see here will be presented according to rules set forth by our forefathers and mothers: men and women who have protected the language from the raids of barbar[...]
Transcript: Sarah Koenig: Okay, here goes: I’m not a detective or a private investigator. I’m not even a crime reporter. But somehow, I have spent every day this year t[...]
I’m at the back of a restaurant in Los Angeles, in a dimly-lit hallway whose floor is made of dark wood that’s been distressed just the right amount, not too old, not too new, like[...]
A strange thing happened to me when I started working in marketing and advertising: I started to look at everything within the context of marketing and advertising. I wouldn’t say [...]
In 2004, I stood at the top of the stairs leading to the old Comedy Underground in Seattle, one of the city’s last remaining relics from the stand-up comedy heyday of the 1980s. Th[...]
In 1999, Brian McKnight’s “Back at One” proved to be a solid hit when it peaked at number two on Billboard’s Hot 100. Today, it is perhaps best known as an aural distraction from u[...]