My friend Sue and I had come out to Mojave National Preserve to do some camping, hiking, and cycling. Neither of us had been here before, and we were looking forward to “the desert[...]
“Hai,” Brandi says repeatedly, as she trots down the hall to my parents’ living room, where I set up a makeshift dwelling every time I visit. The bell draped around her neck jingle[...]
It was mostly overcast and maybe 60 degrees. We set out around 10:30 in the morning, and warmed up on the Marina loop. Even though we started late, traffic was surprisingly light, [...]
The reach of snow and the taste of French toast. Morning has always been my time for quiet, but sometimes I woke to voices too loud with the rest of it. When a day did not feel rig[...]
It’s around midnight one sticky night in the August of 1997 in the suburbs of Chicago. I’m home for the summer after my freshman year of college, and in the car with my sister, Rac[...]
Dear Katie, As the painful number of heart-shaped chocolate boxes, “I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH” cards, and various saccharine garbage begins to spread around my city’s [...]
A few weeks ago, I awoke to a text from my older brother Kevin, telling me to call him. This meant that either a friend or family member had died or was in serious trouble, or that[...]
At least one member of our household has been sick with some manifestation of mutant viral crud since early Q4 of last year. We started out strong, fighting off a couple of nasty o[...]
My phone was ringing. It was my mom, calling for the second time, which was a little unusual. Then again, when she’d called the first time, I’d promised I’d get back to her in a fe[...]
I am determined to make it to the Berlin Wall. When I arrive to the East Side Gallery a young mother asks me to take a picture of she and her baby in front of the massive black and[...]