My two older brothers used to have a map of the United States hanging on a wall in their bedroom. I was jealous of it, the way little sisters can so easily be. The map was beautifu[...]
I don’t have many rules for how I live my life, but one of them is that I refrain from sending pictures of my dick to people. Why? Firstly, because I don’t really need to. I fail t[...]
Part I of “I Want My Best Friend Back.” Part II of “I Want My Best Friend Back.” *** A month passed and things were starting to calm down. I packed up our K[...]
  While on top of a woman (or vice-versa), you make eye contact and it quickly becomes a full-blown stare-down. Neither of you particularly enjoy this, but you’re also not goi[...]
It’s just after five-thirty in the morning and the sun is creating strips of light on the mainland mountains. There’s ocean between here and there, and I am always a little thankfu[...]
1. Which girl in this picture is the one who owns this account? I find it hard to believe that any woman using Tinder doesn’t have at least one photograph of just her, by herself. [...]
Part I of “I Want My Best Friend Back.” *** Jane was my roommate, but more importantly—she’s been my best friend for 16 years. She started drinking heavily shortly afte[...]
“How far did you get?” my friend Jack asked. It was the Monday morning after the Homecoming Dance. Time to report on the after-dance activities with our dates. Specifically, Jack w[...]
You: you are pure white in some lights, the most magnificent blue or a shimmery yellow in others. Me: I am bright, fiery, quite large, and sometimes wearing Ray-Bans. I have seen y[...]
It begins with not being able to write anything. You wake up one day and you simply can’t. Not a story, not a sentiment, not a sentence that makes a difference the way they used to[...]