I don’t have many rules for how I live my life, but one of them is that I refrain from sending pictures of my dick to people. Why? Firstly, because I don’t really need to. I fail t[...]
  While on top of a woman (or vice-versa), you make eye contact and it quickly becomes a full-blown stare-down. Neither of you particularly enjoy this, but you’re also not goi[...]
1. Which girl in this picture is the one who owns this account? I find it hard to believe that any woman using Tinder doesn’t have at least one photograph of just her, by herself. [...]
“How far did you get?” my friend Jack asked. It was the Monday morning after the Homecoming Dance. Time to report on the after-dance activities with our dates. Specifically, Jack w[...]
You: you are pure white in some lights, the most magnificent blue or a shimmery yellow in others. Me: I am bright, fiery, quite large, and sometimes wearing Ray-Bans. I have seen y[...]
It begins with not being able to write anything. You wake up one day and you simply can’t. Not a story, not a sentiment, not a sentence that makes a difference the way they used to[...]
“Hai,” Brandi says repeatedly, as she trots down the hall to my parents’ living room, where I set up a makeshift dwelling every time I visit. The bell draped around her neck jingle[...]
The reach of snow and the taste of French toast. Morning has always been my time for quiet, but sometimes I woke to voices too loud with the rest of it. When a day did not feel rig[...]
Dear Katie, As the painful number of heart-shaped chocolate boxes, “I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH” cards, and various saccharine garbage begins to spread around my city’s [...]
Here at the epicenter of my own earthquake, the paradigm shift between lucky and lonely has been especially seismic. It seems like the landscape should be calm by now, but I’m stil[...]