Home is no longer a place. I can’t tell you its population or any well-known landmarks. It doesn’t have a ZIP code or a street name, and there isn’t a map in the world that would s[...]
My friend Sue and I had come out to Mojave National Preserve to do some camping, hiking, and cycling. Neither of us had been here before, and we were looking forward to “the desert[...]
It was mostly overcast and maybe 60 degrees. We set out around 10:30 in the morning, and warmed up on the Marina loop. Even though we started late, traffic was surprisingly light, [...]
I am determined to make it to the Berlin Wall. When I arrive to the East Side Gallery a young mother asks me to take a picture of she and her baby in front of the massive black and[...]
It took an ocean, some seas, several mountain ranges, a few days of meals, and a nasty brush burn from my backpack. But then I remembered why I prefer to live–really live–in a new [...]
I should probably start with my crying over Ben and Jerry’s, even though that was still in Washington. I’d never had their Milk and Cookies ice cream before, so I figur[...]
My apartment in Washington is on the second floor of a row house. My bedroom is at the very front, facing the street, with four huge windows. For the first eight months that I live[...]
The windshield began pulling away from the front of the bus. Not in one swift motion, but slowly, like a child delicately pulling off a Band-Aid afraid of what’s underneath. With e[...]
When I landed a job in New York City 10 months ago, I was beyond stoked to move. I had aspired to live in the city since my Uncle Mark brought me to Manhattan for my 10th birthday.[...]
I arrive, my luggage does not. I booked this trip just before midnight on my twenty-seventh birthday. It was my reward for a year spent not belonging, eating terribly, sleeping poo[...]