Michael Sam, a football player from the University of Missouri, announced that he is gay in advance of this spring’s NFL Draft. The absurd reactions were quick to hit the cybersphe[...]
As the Seattle Seahawks marched toward their first Super Bowl victory this season, there was one thing most football fans outside of the northwest quadrant of the United States agr[...]
I’ve been having this recurring dream lately. In it, I’m a high school senior who’s considering not playing for the school’s basketball team anymore. But after skipping the pre-sea[...]
The world of sports is a world unto itself. A Middle Earth with its own culture, language and set of mores. I’ve always felt like the most interesting dynamic within the kingdom is[...]
This piece appears in the May 6, 2013 edition of the Spanish daily El Pais. You can read the original (Spanish) version here. When the Washington Wizards’ Jason Collins announced t[...]
Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com wrote that a gay NFL player is “strongly considering” coming out publicly in the near future. Freeman based his scoop on interviews with current and f[...]
College basketball season is almost over and with it comes the end of the hysteria that is March Madness. You’ve probably noticed that you do things a little differently as t[...]
I will always love the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament despite the fact that it has reached painful mainstream proportions, which in today’s world renders it instantly prosaic. Ju[...]
Many words have been written about the influx of international players into the NBA over the last decade or two, but the majority of current NBA-ers are still American born. The VA[...]
The sound of the buzzer vibrates through the ceiling of the locker room. You’re seated, rocking back and forth and tapping the heels of your Nikes on the tile floor. You double-che[...]