My first car was a stick-shift. I learned to drive that thing within the first hour of getting it. I loved blasting my Wu-Tang Forever CD and pretending I was a racecar driver thro[...]
The following interview was recorded in an undisclosed area of the Mojave Desert on or about February 6, 2015. PAUL MERRILL: Thank you for inviting me to your . . . hut, Coach Carr[...]
This year’s Super Bowl features the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, two teams that have never played a single game of football.   In their famous 1985 “Super Bo[...]
The last time the Buffalo Bills went to the Super Bowl, I was eight. I have three very distinct memories of the days leading up to Super Bowl XXVIII: wearing red, white, and blue Z[...]
Dick Herman is a very talented, dominant and outspoken NFL tailback. He is also an atheist. This is the transcription of a locker room interview Herman did with Erin Andrews follow[...]
Michael Sam, a football player from the University of Missouri, announced that he is gay in advance of this spring’s NFL Draft. The absurd reactions were quick to hit the cybersphe[...]
As the Seattle Seahawks marched toward their first Super Bowl victory this season, there was one thing most football fans outside of the northwest quadrant of the United States agr[...]
I’ve been having this recurring dream lately. In it, I’m a high school senior who’s considering not playing for the school’s basketball team anymore. But after skipping the pre-sea[...]
The world of sports is a world unto itself. A Middle Earth with its own culture, language and set of mores. I’ve always felt like the most interesting dynamic within the kingdom is[...]
This piece appears in the May 6, 2013 edition of the Spanish daily El Pais. You can read the original (Spanish) version here. When the Washington Wizards’ Jason Collins announced t[...]