Flinder used to play basketball, a lot.

Now he just writes and lives, mostly in LA, sometimes on the Greyhound, or wherever he happens to be.

He's written for The Classical and SBNation.com. Someday, he might write for you.


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March 24th, 1996 Michael Jackson, wearing a red leather jacket with a pair of zippers on the left sleeve, bolted up the stairs, past the driver and lunged toward a sprinting Prince[...]
When old Jerry shells your trench, never mind And your face may lose its smile, never mind Though the sandbags bust and fly; you have only once to die, If old Jerry shells the tren[...]
The world of sports is a world unto itself. A Middle Earth with its own culture, language and set of mores. I’ve always felt like the most interesting dynamic within the kingdom is[...]
The windshield began pulling away from the front of the bus. Not in one swift motion, but slowly, like a child delicately pulling off a Band-Aid afraid of what’s underneath. With e[...]