After a stint at NYU, Jenny Bahn was sucked into the modeling world – something that doesn’t need a degree or a brain. In a quest to reclaim her status as an intelligent person, Jenny began writing about her travels, the modeling industry, and whatever else springs to mind.

Jenny lives in New York.

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Dear Katie, As the painful number of heart-shaped chocolate boxes, “I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH” cards, and various saccharine garbage begins to spread around my city’s [...]
It’s Pedro’s birthday. Don’t let his name mislead you into thinking this is a terribly diverse group. For a fashion campaign, yeah, it’d be diverse. We’ve got the half-black girl f[...]
“Ohhhh, Jenny.” Some calm, emotionally stable married person sits across from me, having listened to my most recent failed pseudo-relationship, rolling her eyes towards the ceiling[...]
In this edition of Fashion Cavern’s regular column, “How I Got Famous,” we interview Cheyenne D., a famous fashion blogger out of Bushwick, New York – a young woman notorious for h[...]
As my mustachioed bike repairman rings me up for a new back wheel, complete with a medium-weight rim ($70) and a tire with magical “run-flat” capabilities ($25 plus $30 plus lots o[...]
There’s a graphic out there — I’m sure you’ve seen it — often referred to as “The World’s Most Difficult Triangle” or “What I Want in a Woman.” It is a simple, black an[...]
H. twatbagensis , alternatively designated as Homo douche bagiens twatbagensis, [95] originated  in New York City and Los Angeles some thirty years ago [94]. Recent evidence from s[...]
There is a Zen-like quality to not giving a shit about anything. I usually feel this way right after I leave Bikram yoga, when the sweat and the heat and the humidity have hammered[...]
Late last year, I stumbled upon an article titled “Last Meals Before Execution,” featuring, as one might suspect, a slideshow of death row prisoners and their last meal requests, a[...]
It’s been ten very long years since I stared at the screen of my Sony Vaio laptop – the one my dad got me as a graduation present instead of the gun he really wanted for himself – [...]
The four of us sit in an expensive restaurant on Kenmare, four blondes from all over the world gossiping over the smudged surface of a copper table: Milena from Denmark, Hannah fro[...]
I’m trying really hard to think of a more miserable trip. Like really, really hard. There were the fourteen hours in a mini-van with my then-boyfriend’s entire family en route to a[...]