Jenny lives in Kansas City, where she owns a small business and spends her time people-watching, dwelling on past failures, dreaming up future failures, thinking about the majesty of bison, admiring lisps and nervously sweating.

She has proof of earning two useless, liberal arts degrees from the University of Kansas in a moldy box somewhere in her basement.

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Liz, This will be awkward, as we do not know each other. We have never even spoken to one another. We only sat very near each other in the fine dining establishment of Korma Sutra [...]
In 1999, Brian McKnight’s “Back at One” proved to be a solid hit when it peaked at number two on Billboard’s Hot 100. Today, it is perhaps best known as an aural distraction from u[...]
Every year in mid-November, we queue up and wait to climb aboard the holiday season’s emotional roller coaster. On Thanksgiving Day, we buckle into our adorably old-fashioned rolle[...]
In light of the fact that I have launched my first business venture this week, I think this is the perfect time to articulate the anxieties that have been steeping in my psyche for[...]
A silhouette of your daughter, Lexie, does a backbend over her name on the rear glass hatch of your Chevy Tahoe. It is a pink, vinyl sticker that I imagine you affixed after her fi[...]
Jill mopes through the house this evening. She wears pink, fluffy, pig-faced slippers that sweep over the carpet, collecting electricity as she shuffles down the stairs and into th[...]
It is possible that I knew about the painting of the sycamore before I was even born. From my position in the womb, I may have eavesdropped on my mother expressing her appreciation[...]
One afternoon last July, while standing in my driveway next to my newly purchased car, I held a videotape encased by a scuffed and faded cardboard sleeve in my hands. The star’s fa[...]
In general, I am an animal lover. In specific, I am a dog lover. I share my life with two bed-hogging, woolly, blonde cairn terriers who entertain me and bring me immeasurable heap[...]
The office building is on fire. All twelve stories burn in chaotic relief. My hair morphs into flames as my flesh melts and drips onto the business casual carpet tiles in doughy cl[...]