Katie Levisay has a doctorate in neuropsychology and is an adjunct professor at the University of Denver. She spends her free time writing, wasting valuable emotional energy following sports, and trying desperately not to screw up her two precious little humans.

She is currently working on her first book.

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Perhaps like some of you, I rolled into the new year (quite literally) carrying a little extra insulation. This wasn’t a surprise, mind you, as I was still enjoying an Odyssean jou[...]
“…and still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with love like that. It lights up the sky.”    – Rumi ** She sat on a c[...]
Dear Katie, As the painful number of heart-shaped chocolate boxes, “I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH” cards, and various saccharine garbage begins to spread around my city’s [...]
At least one member of our household has been sick with some manifestation of mutant viral crud since early Q4 of last year. We started out strong, fighting off a couple of nasty o[...]
I think it’s important to fight the pop-culture vacuum that can come with motherhood. But staying current is a lot of work. Music, movies, fashion, mental health: these things take[...]
What I am about to admit will surely be considered blasphemous in this current age of food worship. A time when you’re more likely to find an actual news story on CNN than a food-f[...]
Today was my little guy’s first day of “school.” If my womb had its way he’d stay home with me until he was at least 2 or 3…or 23. But in these ridiculously competitive times, when[...]
Hey ladies, would you like to know who your real enemy is these days? Forget the offensive misogynist, the discriminatory boss, the unrelentingly unrealistic expectations from “soc[...]
Love. We all know it. We’ve all felt some manifestation of it, or hope to one day. We all need it like we need air. Over the next few months a group of people in black robes will d[...]
I will always love the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament despite the fact that it has reached painful mainstream proportions, which in today’s world renders it instantly prosaic. Ju[...]
You’re trapped in a confined space with poorly circulating air, surrounded by frenzied, fetid bodies that haven’t seen a shower in days. You watch them gorge on candy scraps and ke[...]
The decision had been made: the Levisays would not be gracing the world with any additional spawn. Had we met 10 years ago, we would’ve gladly fielded a hoops team of our DNA, and [...]