Liana lives in Los Angeles with a nice dog named Bigfoot.

Her first novel, South on Highland (Little A), will be out in July of 2014.

Liana's Past Work

Model number: HELP505 Thank you for your purchase. Please read further for important information, and details on how to win a special customer reward! This remote has a “Light” fun[...]
My first car was a stick-shift. I learned to drive that thing within the first hour of getting it. I loved blasting my Wu-Tang Forever CD and pretending I was a racecar driver thro[...]
Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the Playstation game Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s a role-playing game that takes place in a fantasy setting similar to Lord of The Rings. (Feel fre[...]
These days, it seems that every time I turn on the Internet, I am faced with someone making the snap judgment that someone else is a racist. These accusations are sometimes justifi[...]
The following interview was recorded in an undisclosed area of the Mojave Desert on or about February 6, 2015. PAUL MERRILL: Thank you for inviting me to your . . . hut, Coach Carr[...]
Okay, here goes. I have been hearing about a little place called Heaven for practically my ENTIRE LIFE… how great it is, how hard to get into, etcetera and so on. So you can bet my[...]
My two older brothers used to have a map of the United States hanging on a wall in their bedroom. I was jealous of it, the way little sisters can so easily be. The map was beautifu[...]
I don’t have many rules for how I live my life, but one of them is that I refrain from sending pictures of my dick to people. Why? Firstly, because I don’t really need to. I fail t[...]
If you’re learning how to write, most of the advice you’ll get is pretty standard. Show, don’t tell. Make sure every word is there for a reason. Stop chewing on your sleeve and loo[...]
Part I of “I Want My Best Friend Back.” Part II of “I Want My Best Friend Back.” *** A month passed and things were starting to calm down. I packed up our K[...]
I have not seen American Sniper. And yet I feel like I’ve seen American Sniper. Since the movie came out there has been constant chatter about it on social media. This is partially[...]
Dear Diary, It happened again. The rays of the full moon transformed me into a bloodthirsty wolf creature that must feast on human flesh. Oh, and I also beat that super tough level[...]