Through the game of basketball, Luke Bonner managed to escape the temptations associated with suburban New Hampshire street life. He went on to attend the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he earned a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a Master’s in Sport Management.

One time Luke grew a gnarly beard. He would like to be remembered by this beard. Well, that, and his attempts at writing for FlipCollective.


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Past Work

The sound of the buzzer vibrates through the ceiling of the locker room. You’re seated, rocking back and forth and tapping the heels of your Nikes on the tile floor. You double-che[...]
Men and women: same number of arms, same number of legs, same number of belly buttons. Very different expectations for Valentine’s Day. Here are four Venn diagrams that will [...]
Sitting in the courtyard of the Çırağan Palace Kempinski, I welcome the sea breeze and aroma of salt water blended with a hint of diesel from boats passing by. Finding myself alone[...]
January 16, 2013 National Basketball Association Olympic Tower 645 5th Ave. New York, NY 10022   To Whom It May Concern, Growing up in New Hampshire, my siblings and I spent c[...]
The writers at FlipCollective will be on hiatus until January, 2013. This is the final piece before the break. This is it. (Sigh) My last Flip piece before we all take a brain-refr[...]
The homeowner double-checked the frame to make sure the photo was level. The picture of his ox-like great grandfather had always been an odd source of pride. Content, he grabbed hi[...]
Throughout my basketball career, I spent countless hours traveling, practicing, lifting, receiving treatment, lodging, and dining with other basketball players. These activities pr[...]
“Fuck you, Boner! You’ll never be as good as your brother… Or your sister!”  -Future frat bro wearing a hemp choker in the student-section (Trinity High School vs. Bishop Guertin; [...]
He sat upright in bed studying the walls of her room. He could hear the faucet running. Realizing how silly he must have looked sitting in bed fully clothed, he stripped to his box[...]
For many professional athletes, managing life after sports can be problematic. We often hear of once-cash-laden athletes struggling with their “retirements.” Despite their notoriet[...]
Recently, I witnessed something that I can’t get out of my head. It was something I had seen many times before. But this time stood out more than the others. What I saw was a dunk.[...]
Early in life, it’s a place you are not really aware of. You seldom even see it. You’re too busy riding unicorns through the sky, or fearing for your life as the rock creature from[...]