Welcome to Machine Wash Warm, our first-ever e-magazine.

What is Machine Wash Warm?

Like our weekly pieces for FlipCollective, the writing in Machine Wash Warm was edited by fellow FlipCollective writers. The difference: we spent a month working on the contents, which are all brand new pieces by the best writers FlipCollective has to offer.

What does it include?

A 52-page e-magazine, featuring eight pieces by FlipCollective writers (and Venn diagrams by Matt Shirley):

  • “Tall,” by Paul Shirley (Click here for an excerpt.)
  • “Clippers Edge Celtics Behind Griffin’s 88,” by Hank Layton (Click here for an excerpt.)
  • “Upright,” by Jenny Bahn (Click here for an excerpt.)
  • “Dear Steve,” by Mick Shaffer (Click here for an excerpt.)
  • “Gibraltar,” by Rosicky Jones (Click here for an excerpt.)
  • “The Walrus,” by Tom Dinard (Click here for an excerpt.)
  • “Psycho Mantis And The Montreal Screwjob,” by Brian Oliu (Click here for an excerpt.)

Plus, an audiobook, featuring each writer reading his or her piece.

How much does it cost?


How do I buy it?

Buy it by clicking here:


What happens when I click ‘Buy Now’?

You’ll be taken to a PayPal screen that asks if you’d prefer to pay with your PayPal balance or a credit card. After the transaction is complete, you’ll be immediately provided with the two downloads of Machine Wash Warm. One is the .pdf; the other is the .mp3.

Is it safe?

All financial transactions are handled by PayPal. Content is delivered by Payloadz, which may or may not be familiar to some customers. For a report on the trustworthiness of Payloadz, click here.

Where does the money go?

All proceeds from Machine Wash Warm go to the creators of the e-magazine.

Is it any good?


Thanks for your support of our writing.

– FlipCollective

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