Matt lives in Los Angeles, where he sometimes writes screenplays and sometimes writes and edits for a website.

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College basketball season is almost over and with it comes the end of the hysteria that is March Madness. You’ve probably noticed that you do things a little differently as t[...]
Many words have been written about the influx of international players into the NBA over the last decade or two, but the majority of current NBA-ers are still American born. The VA[...]
In terms of blizzards, 2013 has been a real sonofabitch for those of us who live on the east coast. (I mean, I don’t live there, but I’m sure some of you suckers do.) A[...]
The following map is based on search engine autocomplete results. Autocomplete is the stuff that pops up when you search for stuff in Google or Yahoo! or AskJeeves (probably?). For[...]
PHOTOBOMB Pho-to-bomb (verb) [foh-toh-bom] – The act of ruining someone’s photo by appearing in it without their knowledge. Larry photobombed Dennis’s reunion pic[...]
Dear America, If you can pass this test, you can vote on November 6th. If you can’t, you don’t get to vote, and should consider fitting yourself with some head protecti[...]
The following are two of Matt Shirley’s contributions to Cartel III (Fall, 2012), which can be purchased for $2.99 as an Amazon Kindle e-book or as a PDF.      [...]
Every year it gets harder and harder to predict what people are going to wear for Halloween. Just kidding! In general, people are uncreative simps. They herd toward costume cliches[...]
Being a guy is hard. You have to pay for dates, you have to open doors and pull out chairs, and sometimes, you have a really small penis. And nobody tells you what to do. Sure your[...]
We all get it. The morning after is a nightmare. You’re stuck there, almost glued in some cases, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve known them for 1 or 100,000,000,0[...]
This is one of many diagrams and other bits of visual creativity done by Matt Shirley for the Summer, 2012 issue of Cartel.     This is… TV Shows It’s Impossi[...]