Paul Merrill is a comedian, writer and actor from Seattle.

He is at work on his first book.

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The following interview was recorded in an undisclosed area of the Mojave Desert on or about February 6, 2015. PAUL MERRILL: Thank you for inviting me to your . . . hut, Coach Carr[...]
Dear Diary, It happened again. The rays of the full moon transformed me into a bloodthirsty wolf creature that must feast on human flesh. Oh, and I also beat that super tough level[...]
This year’s Super Bowl features the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, two teams that have never played a single game of football.   In their famous 1985 “Super Bo[...]
OSCARS! AM I RIGHT? By Paul Merrill When the Oscar nominations were announced earlier this week, the Internet blew up. From the lack of diversity in the acting categories to the sn[...]
Christmas, 1982. I was ten years old and probably should have figured out the whole Santa Deal by then, but things had been going along pretty swimmingly in my life up to that poin[...]
One of the few advantages of being a broken down, 42-year-old bastard like me is you no longer have to listen to new music. I still do listen to new music, of course. But with clas[...]
In 2004, I stood at the top of the stairs leading to the old Comedy Underground in Seattle, one of the city’s last remaining relics from the stand-up comedy heyday of the 1980s. Th[...]
As the Seattle Seahawks marched toward their first Super Bowl victory this season, there was one thing most football fans outside of the northwest quadrant of the United States agr[...]
Wackford Squeers. Mortimer Lightwood. Georgiana Podsnap. Uriah Heep. When it came to inventing goofy character names that could also double for prog-rock bands, Charles Dickens was[...]