Paul's writing career was jump-started by his "Road Ramblings," the blog he wrote while playing for the Phoenix Suns. Since then, he has written for Esquire, Slate, and the Wall Street Journal. His first book, Can I Keep My Jersey? was published by Random House in 2007. He is now the chief editor for FlipCollective and a weekly columnist for the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

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I’m at the back of a restaurant in Los Angeles, in a dimly-lit hallway whose floor is made of dark wood that’s been distressed just the right amount, not too old, not too new, like[...]
Michael Sam, a football player from the University of Missouri, announced that he is gay in advance of this spring’s NFL Draft. The absurd reactions were quick to hit the cybersphe[...]
On January 14, a federal appeals court in Washington D.C. struck down a Federal Communications Commission regulation that had previously prevented broadband providers from limiting[...]
Not long ago, I went for lunch with my friend John to an extremely Los Angeles-like café that was, fittingly, in Los Angeles. John and I took seats near the door and, after allowin[...]
There I am, at my desk in my room in Los Angeles, butt on my annoying gray physioball, eyes on my dusty computer screen, hand idly dropping almonds in my partially agape mouth. I’m[...]
“Who gives a shit?” – Me, upon reading that James Gandolfini was dead ** It started with Michael Jackson. Then it was Brittany Murphy and Paul Harvey and Billy Mays and Ed McMahon [...]
On May 10, Efrain Rios Montt, former dictator of Guatemala, was found guilty of genocide, making him the first head of state to be convicted of this charge by a court in his own co[...]
When I saw Jerry Lewis’s name trending on Twitter last week, my first thought was, Oh, he must have died. Wait, is he already dead? Whatever, at least we won’t have to deal with th[...]
This is my challenge: I need to tell you about the fifth issue of Cartel, the e-magazine I edit, run, and write for. I need to do this quickly, because if I do not do it quickly, y[...]
This piece appears in the May 6, 2013 edition of the Spanish daily El Pais. You can read the original (Spanish) version here. When the Washington Wizards’ Jason Collins announced t[...]
First, a big hug-and-thank-you to everyone who read our work during what we deemed Season Four. We were glad to have you reading, and gladder to be writing. Second, as planned, we [...]
“Hey, luv, could you…“ Lorraine trailed off, because of course he couldn’t. Hold the elevator door, that is. She sighed and then tried to take it back, remembering that it was hard[...]