Peter is originally from Concord, New Hampshire and now resides in Seattle.

He is his own toughest critic, but invites you to challenge him on that.

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Past Work

You step into the courtroom of life and your chains drag behind, following the shuffle of feet on oak. There’s only one place for you to take yourself to – the stand – so you wonde[...]
The buildings sprouted from nowhere. Smoke rose from them, billowing out onto a backdrop of accumulated gray, years of burnt ash hanging around without a greater place to escape to[...]
The way home was filled with reminders of why things couldn’t be. He looked over at her as she stared out the window, head leaned up against the door, breath leaving a light fog on[...]
Note: If you missed Part 1, find it here. We tried to keep the lid on the impending shit-storm, but the truth about the truth was that we needed a miracle—some kind of divine inter[...]
Reflectin’ back, all’s I remember is Mystikal, sex, and Manny. We’d be pumpin’ Danger from the locker room speakers, slammin’ metal lockers—dents and all. Earned our locker room th[...]
Winter had come a week early—dark, with a dry cold. Layers trap body heat, and protect from the sometimes easy, sometimes harsh winds. But an exposed face invited the wind to strip[...]
Biking through Oklahoma’s panhandle in July reminded Vic of Swiss cheese. Rising morning temperatures—into the triple digits by 10 a.m.—meant scorched afternoons, and a lingering s[...]
“Your life isn’t a movie.” Vic waited. Gilman went further: “This is a whole lot more complicated than you think.” Vic looked down. If his life did become a movie, if these next ni[...]
A lot of Candidates agonized over the days in which PT came before breakfast. An odd majority of Candidates hated those mornings. Odd because an equal majority hated the mornings w[...]
There’s a place out west where a mountain’s flat, the sun loses itself under a reservoir and regains later just to do it all over again. Vic moved that way on a bicycle, first with[...]
You learned everything you ever needed to know about love one early morning on Thomson Lake. You were five, your granddad was much older, and your grandma was dead. He comes into y[...]
You’re locked up, or your future’s locked up, or you and your future’s locked up—whatever, the point is that you and your future are separated by bars. If you had one phone call yo[...]