Rob is a writer from New Jersey who laughs at his own jokes way too often. Before he arrived at FlipCollective, he started a sports blog called In the Win Column in 2008 that is read by hundreds of people sometimes. He's currently working on his first novel, which would have been finished already if he didn't spend so much time on Twitter.

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In today’s age of instant reaction, the verdict on what’s cool and what isn’t can change as swiftly and unexpectedly as the wind. Something can go from being deemed “cool” by the u[...]
I read Cosmos by Carl Sagan when I was 11 years old. I know that sounds like it’s supposed to be a humblebrag, like I grew up doing advanced trigonometry from my booster seat, but [...]
The Internet is awesome because it gives everyone the freedom to share their thoughts and voice their opinions on just about any topic. However the Internet is also the worst becau[...]
I can’t write fiction anymore. I noticed it began late last week when I sat down to write a short story about a group of friends trading stories over dinner. It was a dialogue-heav[...]
My dreams have a mind of their own. Because I’m soooo unique. The truth is, pretty much everyone’s dreams have a mind of their own: your own mind. “Whoooaaaa.” < – D[...]
The party is loud, but it’s not too loud. This is one of those moments you forget about the instant after it happens, I suppose. I’m standing with my back against the side of a foo[...]
Whenever someone makes a conscious decision to do something, whether it’s something small and trivial such as turning on the TV, or something big and not-trivial like decidin[...]
Friday Night Lights is probably my favorite television show of the last decade, and I thought I’d commemorate its untimely passing by running through a completely arbitrary and in-[...]
With heralded releases by Grizzly Bear, Yeasayer and the guy with the neck beard that lives in the apartment under you, 2012 was a banner year for Brooklyn’s always-fertile indie-r[...]
“Anyway, that’s life. There’s nothing you can do about it. It is what it is.” I didn’t even hear the first part of what he said, but those last three sentences were enough to make [...]
I say the same thing every October: “October is my favorite month.” I don’t know why I do it, but every time someone mentions how much they love October, I feel the need to also va[...]
I missed the last seven or eight trains to Adulthood, but a few months ago I turned 25, realized that I’ve been alive for a quarter of a century already and hopped on the express. [...]
Another mortar shell landed less than twenty feet to my right and exploded like a deafening clap of thunder. I turned around and Count Chocula was there, his army fatigues soaked i[...]
The steering wheel is bathed in the quiet fluorescent lights of the Fort McHenry tunnel. It’s early Saturday morning. Someone stirs in the backseat, and through the speakers I can [...]
There is now a television show called Oh Sit! Oh Sit! is described as an extreme musical chairs competition. I’m not sure at what point we decided that it was entertaining to watch[...]
Fantasy football blows. It really does. I’m reminded of it every week during football season. I tell myself every year that I’m never playing again, usually after Jamaal Charles br[...]