He is exactly who you think he is. Or he is the gentleman who killed exactly who you thought he was. He is a man with a keyboard, an Adderall prescription, and WiFi.


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Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com wrote that a gay NFL player is “strongly considering” coming out publicly in the near future. Freeman based his scoop on interviews with current and f[...]
The office shut down on the 13th of March so we could watch the movie Lars And The Real Girl. Well, it wasn’t that movie, but it was a derivative. You see, on the 13th of March a b[...]
Odd Future makes rap music for people who hate rap music. Odd Future makes soundtracks for people who fantasize about walking into an Apple store in slow motion. Odd Future is a Yo[...]
Luckily I hadn’t dressed for this. Had I known I’d see her, the stocking cap would have been hairspray, the beard would have been trimmed, the cologne would have been applied, the [...]
Our fear of knowledge killed Aaron Swartz. A 35-year jail sentence for a kid who committed an act tantamount to printing “too many” Wikipedia articles. Over the course of 2-months [...]
Virginity is silly. It’s silly because people seem to believe that it deserves some special reverence. Let me take you back to Friday night. We were shit-talking on a rooftop. Most[...]
The following is an excerpt from Rosicky Jones’s piece for Cartel III (Fall, 2012), which can be purchased for $2.99 as an Amazon Kindle e-book or as a PDF. *** Women have ex[...]
We unconsciously undervalue actual success at the expense of potential success. Our universal preference for potential is to blame for the consistent failures of our sports teams. [...]
The Bank United Center Fieldhouse at the University of Miami hosted Mitt Romney right on the heels of his 47% comment. It was a 200-person town hall meeting slash interview slash H[...]
Since we’re nearing Election Day, I decided to collage the answer to the question “Who is…?” with info gathered exclusively from our only unfiltered source of information: Twitter.[...]
Rick Ross is no longer up and coming. He’s become the come up. It is impossible to listen to a hip-hop radio station and not hear the Teflon Don pervert the pronunciation of the wo[...]
I’ve relocated. My relocation has changed a lot more than my ZIP code. Gone is the dapper man known for rocking pea coats and loafers in the fall. Gone is the swagger of a man know[...]