Scott lives in Brooklyn, where he works as a journalist and writer.

He thanks you for taking the time to read his stuff.

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I don’t have many rules for how I live my life, but one of them is that I refrain from sending pictures of my dick to people. Why? Firstly, because I don’t really need to. I fail t[...]
  While on top of a woman (or vice-versa), you make eye contact and it quickly becomes a full-blown stare-down. Neither of you particularly enjoy this, but you’re also not goi[...]
1. Which girl in this picture is the one who owns this account? I find it hard to believe that any woman using Tinder doesn’t have at least one photograph of just her, by herself. [...]
  Memo:   Get Ready For The First Ever Federline Consulting Office Weight Gain Challenge!     From: Douglas Gordon <> To: Federl[...]
Dick Herman is a very talented, dominant and outspoken NFL tailback. He is also an atheist. This is the transcription of a locker room interview Herman did with Erin Andrews follow[...]
“Hai,” Brandi says repeatedly, as she trots down the hall to my parents’ living room, where I set up a makeshift dwelling every time I visit. The bell draped around her neck jingle[...]
A strange thing happened to me when I started working in marketing and advertising: I started to look at everything within the context of marketing and advertising. I wouldn’t say [...]
A few weeks ago, I awoke to a text from my older brother Kevin, telling me to call him. This meant that either a friend or family member had died or was in serious trouble, or that[...]
“So what is it, exactly, that you want?” she asks. Then she jumps right into it. “It seems like for me it changes every day. I just know that, at least right now, I don’t want anyt[...]
I’ve been having this recurring dream lately. In it, I’m a high school senior who’s considering not playing for the school’s basketball team anymore. But after skipping the pre-sea[...]
The following is a joke. I don’t really want Amanda Bynes to have to throw down to the death with LeBron James. Or for people to die in general. However, I would watch something li[...]
I’m not a morning person at all. Never have been. It may be that I don’t particularly like the sun. (Shit’s too bright and it burns me sometimes.) My life is pretty great at the mo[...]