It has become de rigueur to add a caveat to any year-end Top 10 albums list – something akin to, “Now, this isn’t necessarily the best of the year; these are only my favorites of t[...]
These are hard times for men. Everywhere we look, we’re told how loutish, how silly, how behind the times we are. Three-quarters of successful sitcoms feature a foolish male lead. [...]
I don’t like Pitchfork. Not just because its writers are smarmy and self-righteous, although those traits don’t help its case. I don’t like Pitchfork because I don’t think there’s [...]
Friday, September 10, 2010 3:50 pm Last night, my youngest brother, whose name is Tom and whose smile is infectious, arrived at my house for a poker game.  I asked Tom if he was ex[...]