I can’t write fiction anymore. I noticed it began late last week when I sat down to write a short story about a group of friends trading stories over dinner. It was a dialogue-heav[...]
1. Get yourself away from a computer. 2. Ditch your phone. 3. Get the edge off somehow (Shower, drink a beer, smoke a joint, beat off, try to gently insert a tire into your ass … w[...]
7:48 a.m. Wake up to sounds of whining 3-year-old son. 8:03 a.m. Get son’s breakfast together, feed cat, make coffee, drink coffee while son eats breakfast, get son dressed. 8:43 a[...]
There are things I haven’t told you about our life together, about how much I hate this city, this smog, this single file life, driving in cars that move too fast.  There are also [...]
Wednesday 7:30 pm I light a cigarette, undo my tie, unbutton my dress shirt, and sit down in front of my computer.  I have been staring at the computer screen and randomly striking[...]
He thinks he’s read somewhere that, for a writer, there’s nothing scarier than a blank page. But then, he thinks: What about a blank 17 years? He figures early 1993 was the last ti[...]